STEM Professional Learning Saturday

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On Saturday 22nd February 2020, RLTT PGDE students from the University of the Highlands and Islands, DLITE PGDE students from the University of Aberdeen (both Highland and Moray colleagues) were joined by RLTT PGDE graduates (2019) to participate in a day of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) activities delivered by Janey Irving and Jennifer Hodson, Education Officers from Education Scotland. The focus:

  • Introduction to STEM
  • IGBE – Unconscious Bias
  • Building STEM Capital – engaging with research
  • Science Enquiry Skills (practical workshop)
  • Practitioner Enquiry


A positively charged day was enjoyed by all, with enthusiastic participants and knowledgeable and skilled presenters, ensuring that the day’s activities were packed with questions, investigations, practical application and focused learning.


DLITE 2019-20 cohort Network Day 4

Our Highland and Moray colleagues met today for a morning session focusing on Numeracy and an afternoon session based on Literacy as part of Phase 2 of their PGDE (DLITE) programme of study.

Seonaid Cooke, Marybank Primary School, delivered a practical session on Numeracy in Early and First levels in school for the students who have begun their early stages placement.

The aims for today’s session:
● Understand the progression through the stages of development from
Early to First levels
● To develop understanding of the different areas of knowledge from Early
to First levels
● To give ideas in planning learning experiences to help a child move on to
the next stage of development in both strategy and knowledge

Highland Numeracy Blog

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Jenny Wilson, Literacy Development Officer for Highland, was joined by Laura McGinley in delivering Literacy to the students in the afternoon session.

The aims for today’s session:

  • To understand the need for phonological awareness throughout the school as the backbone of literacy development.
  • Screening for phonological awareness as a pedagogical tool.
  • Using a structured and consistent approach to phonological development throughout the school.

Highland Literacy Blog

Literacy 1Literacy 2

Another successful day enjoyed by all!

Rural Learn To Teach 2nd Hub Day

“The Rural Learn to Teach programme cohort is now well into their studies having had their induction week in October and their first Saturday hub in December. Saturday 11th January brought them together for a full day of reading comprehension, lesson planning and having a presence in the classroom with the learners. A great day of stimulating conversation, clear understanding as the students were relating practice to research and positive relationship building as they are getting to know each other.” Aileen Mackaycohortcognitionrecipricol reading slide

“The Rural Learn to Teach has allowed me to make my dream of teaching a reality. It is an intense 18 months packed full of learning and work, but the support and encouragement from all the tutors is second to none.” Zoe Livings (RLTT graduate 2019)

A Highland DLITE for 2020!

On Saturday 11th January 2020, a new cohort of DLITE students had their Induction Day at the University of Aberdeen. Students from Highland, Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire came together to begin their 18 month PGDE (Primary) programme.

We would like to welcome our Highland cohort; Lindsey Anderson, Sonya Barrett, Rachel Buckley, Kelly Gorman, Karen Gunn, Melissa Maclean, Lindsay McGarry, Judith Munro and Laela Winkelmann to the programme and we wish them every success in their studies.

They join the current DLITE students (2019 – 20) who are completing their studies in June this year and will then be starting as Probationer teachers in August 2020.

DLITE PGDE continues to succeed in training local people into teaching, while allowing them to remain at home, in work, supporting families, all while studying in an online environment. Therefore it is an important method of teacher training, especially in the more remote areas of the Highlands or for those who have wanted to achieve the dream of becoming a teacher but cannot consider leaving their current employment in order to commit to a Full Time course.

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