On Saturday 11th January 2020, a new cohort of DLITE students had their Induction Day at the University of Aberdeen. Students from Highland, Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire came together to begin their 18 month PGDE (Primary) programme.

We would like to welcome our Highland cohort; Lindsey Anderson, Sonya Barrett, Rachel Buckley, Kelly Gorman, Karen Gunn, Melissa Maclean, Lindsay McGarry, Judith Munro and Laela Winkelmann to the programme and we wish them every success in their studies.

They join the current DLITE students (2019 – 20) who are completing their studies in June this year and will then be starting as Probationer teachers in August 2020.

DLITE PGDE continues to succeed in training local people into teaching, while allowing them to remain at home, in work, supporting families, all while studying in an online environment. Therefore it is an important method of teacher training, especially in the more remote areas of the Highlands or for those who have wanted to achieve the dream of becoming a teacher but cannot consider leaving their current employment in order to commit to a Full Time course.

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